por Lorena Pérez

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El homenaje de Martín Churba a Alexander McQueen

El homenaje que Martín Churba le realizó a Alexander McQueen: El mismo final que McQueen mostró en su temporada Spring 1999:

Hace un año y medio atrás, Alexander McQueen declaró a sobre este desfile: “It was my best show, that moment with Shalom! That combination of arts and crafts with technology—that weird unison between man and machine. I remember doing the tests with Katy England before. The insurance was a million pounds that day—a stupid amount! We got the machines from Fiat in Italy, where they’re used for painting cars. And now they’ve ripped it off in a TV commercial, haven’t they? You find a lot of ideas from my shows in adverts now. I find it a compliment.”

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 1999 - Creating an art piece